Stephen Bresnahan, MD

Stephen Bresnahan, MD has been practicing medicine in the areas of primary care and geriatrics for close to 35 years. He currently works for Steward Health Care in private practice and is on staff at Caritas Good Samaritan Medical Center where he serves as Chief of Geriatrics. As well, he serves as the Medical Director for several rehabilitation and long term care facilities.

Steve made his first medical volunteer trip to Saint Rock Haiti in 2008 and since ,travels several times per year. “ After more than 10 years of volunteering on behalf of the Saint Rock Haiti Foundation, I am continually stunned by the enormity of human inequity, especially in regards to healthcare. But I am grateful that I have also benefited from seeing the difference compassion and generosity for others can make”.

Steve has been a member of the SRHF board of directors since 2012 and serves as the Chair of the Clinical Practice Committee since 2015. He also serves on the Building Hope Committee, providing direction for designing efficient clinical spaces that will provide high quality and dignified health care to the those being served.

Steve holds a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry from College of the Holy Cross and a Doctor of Medicine degree from University of Massachusetts Medical School.

When not practicing medicine and volunteering for SRHF, Steve enjoys watching baseball, running, reading and listening to podcasts.