John B Cadigan III, MD | Board Chair

Dr Cadigan a Cardiologist for over 25 years, has been involved in the St Rock Haiti Foundation since 2012 when he took his first ( 5 in all) trip to Haiti. This first trip was his most memorable, for it was on that trip that while trying to operate an old ECG machine in the clinic, that his son volunteered as a test patient. His then 16 year old son was otherwise healthy and asymptomatic, but because of that ECG, it was fortuitously discovered that he had been born with a major congenital cardiac abnormality and upon returning to the United States he ultimately required lifesaving open heart surgery. His son Jack is now alive and well, and intends to become a medical doctor. He feels Haiti indirectly saved his sons life, and this “providential experience” opened Dr Cadigan’s eyes to wonderful work and gratifying experience of being a part of, and supporting the St Rock Haiti Foundation. Dr Cadigan always says: “Haiti and the Saint Rock Haiti Foundation did more for me and my family, than we could ever do for them”.

Dr Cadigan is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at Boston University School of Medicine and he holds a teaching appointment at the Harvard Medical School. He currently work in the Cardiovascular division at the Brigham and Woman’s Hospital in Boston.