Emerging Leaders Board

Emerging Leaders Board

Leadership Team

Sophie Bresnahan   Mollie White   


Gabe Bresnahan
Conor McLaughlin
Matt Moore
Shannon O’Leary
Kerrin Pokaski
Sunny Shepherd
Kate Swanson 

Saint Rock Haiti Foundation’s  Emerging Leaders Board is a group of socially conscious young professionals who give their time and talents to support the work of the foundation. The main purpose of the Emerging Leaders Board is to provide a platform to cultivate and inspire the next generation of leaders as they raise awareness of Saint Rock Haiti Foundation’s work and help advance the mission by connecting with a broader network of supporters.The board was created in the fall of 2021. 

The Emerging Leaders Board (ELB) unite a wide variety of professional backgrounds and is focused on supporting SRHF’s work through fundraising, networking, volunteering, and educational events. Their mission is to activate vibrant and talented young professionals to support SRHF by:

  • Raising critical funds to further our work
  • Increasing awareness of our services, the impact on the daily lives of those that live in the Saint Rock area of Haiti
  • Contributing directly to the cause through volunteerism and service
  • Making a meaningful impact and gaining new perspectives

ELB Ambassadors

The Saint Rock Haiti Foundation’s Emerging Leader Board is seeking individuals to join our Ambassadors Group. Ambassadors are committed to furthering the mission of the Saint Rock Haiti Foundation by spreading the word about ELB events and volunteering with us to promote awareness and engage the community in supporting our mission.

To learn how to get involved, or become an ELB Ambassador, please contact Mollie White.