Health Care – MGM version

   Primary Health Care

Close to 50,000 registered patients have access to compassionate, high quality community healthcare.
As our patient volume continues to grow, the goal remains the same: to provide our patients with unwavering access to the dignified health care that they deserve. In our work we strive to treat the  whole patient and have developed a number of community development programs that complement our clinical services.

At the SRHF Centre de Sante we deliver comprehensive primary care services to every patient. Our current space, although humble, houses exam rooms, a dental suite, a small laboratory and pharmacy. The clinic is staffed five days per week by our dedicated clinical and administrative team who provide prenatal, pediatric, adult primary, mental health, and dental care. As a community health center, we provide vaccinations and vitamins in addition to our maternal care, malnutrition prevention, hypertension, and STI prevention programs. Additionally, we have implemented an educational program for local girls called Days for Girls. The goal of this program is to provide a safe space for girls in the Saint Rock community to receive sexual education and discuss how to overcome obstacles of gender inequality.

   Mobile Clinic

Expanding our reach beyond the walls of the clinic…

The SRHF mobile clinic departs each Thursday to one of four sites in the more remote corners of our catchment area. The goal of this program is to break down barriers that prevent access to the health care system, and reach those who might not otherwise make it to the primary SRHF clinic. The mobile clinic is stocked with basic medicines and equipment, and staffed by a physician, two nurses and a community health worker. The mobile clinic also provides convenient follow-up care for patients being treated for chronic conditions. Our patients in more remote and rural areas face challenges from infrastructure or limitations on transportation when trying to receive healthcare, our mobile clinic seeks to remove these barriers in an effort to serve more patients.

Community Health Workers

The SRHF employs five Community Health Workers. These individuals are elected by their respective communities, trained by the local Ministry of Health equipping them with basic medical training, and equipped with basic medical training. They visit patients in their homes to check in, monitor those in treatment for chronic health issues, and refer patients to the clinic for treatment as necessary. They also serve as a wellness resource for their neighbors, educating the community on issues such as hygiene and sanitation, nutrition, and preventative care. Integrating the local community with SRHF’s mission is critical to the foundation’s success in providing healthcare to the community.

One of the most remote areas served by the SRHF Mobile Clinic program is the community of St Michele. Void of any formalized health care, the people of Saint Michele have come to rely on monthly visits from the SRHF team of providers. It would take close to 6 hours to reach the clinic by foot and access to motorized transport is mostly unavailable. Because of the immense vulnerability of this community, a strategic decision was made to provide weekly visits and construct a small health outpost that will allow for the safe storage of medical supplies and a place for a the SRHF team to provide private and dignified examinations. A new CHW is also being trained to serve this area,  joining the highly trained t SRHF Centre de Sante CHW team.

Primary Health Care