Executive Committee

The executive committee develops the overall strategy for the organization. This includes new initiatives, fundraising strategies and personnel decisions.

John B. Cadigan, III, MD | Board Chair

Alexandra Burak, CPA | Treasurer

Daniel F. Driscoll, MD | Vice Chair

Mary Keally, RN | Development Committee Co-Chair

Jon Cronin, MD | Clinical Practice Committee

Jocelyn Bresnahan, DNP | President & CEO

Melissa Bruynell Manesse, Esq. | Secretary

Napoleon Lherisson | Education Committee Chair

Mary McLaughlin | Development Committee Co-Chair

Development Committee

Mary Keally, RN | Co-Chair

Beth Anne Cole

Mary McLaughlin | Co-Chair

Meg Kaster

Communications Sub-committee

Agbi Bajrushi

Meg Kaster

Mary McLaughlin

Sophie Bresnahan, RN

Conor McLaughlin

Website and Technology Sub-committee

Agbi Bajrushi

Mary McLaughlin

Governance Committee

Daniel F. Driscoll, MD | Chair

Hugh Cole

John F.X. Lawler, Esq.

Nannette Canniff

Melissa Bruynell Manesse, Esq. | Secretary

Napoleon Lherrison

Finance Committee

Alexandra Burak, CPA | Chair

Building Committee/Community Development

Jim Goldenberg | Chair

Brian Ford

Jackson MacDonald

Gabriel Bresnahan

Eudad Gonzalez

Clinical Practices Committee

Jon Cronin, MD | Chair

Jocelyn Bresnahan, DNP

John Cadigan III, MD

Mary Catherine Finn, NP

Christopher Goncalo, PHARM.D.

Ruth Johnstone, MD

Donna Maguire, RN

Regina Tsanotelis, RN

Hope Bresnahan, LCSW

Sophie Bresnahan, RN

Dan Driscoll, MD

Rob Geary, DMD

Bonnie Hirsh, MD

Mary Keally, RN

Bruce Ring, MD

Nursing Sub-Committee

Regina Tsanotelis, RN | Co-Chair

Mary Albrecht, RN

Ginny Donnelly, RN

Mary Keally, RN

Donna Maguire, RN

Sophie Bresnahan, RN | Co-Chair

Julie Davis, NP

Mary Catherine Finn, NP

Molly Klinka, RN

Donna Swanson

Dental Sub-committee

Robert Geary, DMD | Chair

John Morgan, DMD

Boris Bacanurschi, DMD

Pharmacy Sub-committee

Agbi Bajrushi

Christopher Goncalo, PHARM.D.

Maura Lapping

Mental Health Sub-committee

Hope Bresnahan, LCSW | Chair

Abigail Yee, LMSW

Molly Klinka, RN

Education Committee

Napoleon Lherisson | Chair

Shaina Gilbert

Linda Hooley

Beverly Mawn Lion

Harry Gerard

Jim King

Shauna O’Leary

Deborah Sturtevant-White