Executive Committee

The executive committee develops the overall strategy for the organization. This includes new initiatives, fundraising strategies and personnel decisions.

Margaret Kaster | Board Chair

Gay Shanahan| Treasurer

Beth Cole | Development Committee Co-Chair

Daniel F. Driscoll, MD | Vice Chair

Napoleon Lherisson | Education Committee Chair

Jocelyn Bresnahan, DNP | President & CEO

Melissa Bruynell Manesse, Esq. | Secretary

Jon Cronin, MD | Clinical Practice Committee

Meg Kaster | Development Committee Co-Chair

Jim Goldenberg | Building and Facilities Committee Chair

Development Committee

Beth Anne Cole | Co-Chair

Meg Kaster | Co-Chair

Julia Burke

Communications Sub-committee

Agbi Bajrushi

Meg Kaster

Mary McLaughlin

Sophie Bresnahan, RN

Conor McLaughlin

Website and Technology Sub-committee

Agbi Bajrushi

Mary McLaughlin

Governance & Nominating Committee

Daniel F. Driscoll, MD | Chair

John F.X. Lawler, Esq.

Melissa Bruynell Manesse, Esq. | Secretary

Nannette Canniff

Napoleon Lherrison

Gay Shanahan

Finance Committee

Gay Shanahan | Chair

Doris Drummond

Jim Goldenberg

Mary McLaughlin

Alexandra Burak, CPA

John Lawler

Hugh Cole

Kathleen Cassis

Building and Facilities Committee

Jim Goldenberg | Chair

Brian Ford

Jackson MacDonald

Gabriel Bresnahan

Eudad Gonzalez

Clinical Practices Committee

Jon Cronin, MD | Co-Chair

Jocelyn Bresnahan, DNP

John Cadigan III, MD

Mary Catherine Finn, NP

Christopher Goncalo, PHARM.D.

Ruth Johnstone, MD

Donna Maguire, RN

Regina Tsanotelis, RN

Bruce Ring, MD | Co-Chair

Hope Bresnahan, LCSW

Sophie Bresnahan, RN

Dan Driscoll, MD

Rob Geary, DMD

Bonnie Hirsh, MD

Mary Keally, RN

Nursing Sub-Committee

Regina Tsanotelis, RN | Co-Chair

Mary Albrecht, RN

Ginny Donnelly, RN

Katie Duggan, RN

Melissa Ganthier, RN

Molly Klinka, RN

Donna Swanson

Sophie Bresnahan, RN | Co-Chair

Julie Davis, NP

Kate Donnelly, RN

Mary Catherine Finn, NP

Mary Keally, RN

Donna Maguire, RN

Dental Sub-committee

Robert Geary, DMD | Chair

John Morgan, DMD

Boris Bacanurschi, DMD

Pharmacy Sub-committee

Maura Lapping | Chair

Christopher Goncalo, PHARM.D.

Mental Health Sub-committee

Hope Bresnahan, LCSW | Chair

Abigail Yee, LMSW

Molly Klinka, RN

Monitoring & Evalution Sub-committee

Kelsie Driscoll

Education Committee

Napoleon Lherisson | Chair

Linda Hooley

Beverly Mawn Lion

Deborah Sturtevant-White

Harry Gerard

Jim King

Shauna O’Leary

Emerging Leaders Board

Sophie MacDonald, CPNP | Co-Chair

Gabe Bresnahan

Kelsie Driscoll

Conor McLaughlin

Sunny Shepherd

Mollie White, RN| Co-Chair

Matt Moore

Kerrin O’Leary

Kate Swanson

Shannon O’Leary