2019 Gala

Mesi Anpil!

Many Thanks

Because of the generosity of our many sponsors and donors,
countless volunteers, and all of our guests who came to the gala,
we were able to raise $430,000 to support the ongoing operations of the
SRHF health center in the hills above Port-au-Prince.


Eileen Curran and Bob Halloran


Jack Corcoran

Ginny and Frank Corcoran

Colleen Griffin

Joseph Corcoran


Joan and Bill Walsh

Glynn Hospitality Group

Nicholas and Regina Tsanotelis

Stephen, Jocelyn and Gabe Bresnahan

Wessling Architects

Prince Lobel, John F X Lawler, Partner

Cadigan Family

James and Mary Ellen Maguire

Helen Corcoran


Fouad Samaha, M.D.

Mary and Taber Keally

Bill Mosakowski

Kim and Rob Mericle

Judith and Martin DeMatteo

Gerry and Paula McGrath

Meg and Chris Kaster


Jerry Di Giralamo

Phillip and Elizabeth Lussier

Quirk Auto Dealerships

Fulcrum Digital

Maura and Robert Lapping

Paul and Kevin Curley

Eagle Farms

Redstage Worldwide